The Evolution Of Kitchen Stoves

It has taken many years for kitchen stoves to evolve into the sophisticated appliances that they are today.  In colonial times, Americans simply cooked over an open fire that was placed somewhere in their home.  Because the weather was so hot during the summer months, kitchens were often found outside and cooking was many times done in outbuildings.  This made it “proper” for slaves to do the cooking for harvest workers as well as for plantation owners.  

The industrial revolution quickly changed the way cooking was done in America.  Gradually, large stoves made out of iron were found inside the plantations.  One of the earliest models was the Franklin stove which actually was originally intended to be a furnace rather than a cooking implement.  The Rumford stove came along next and it was quite energy efficient because several pots holding food could be heated at once.  These pots were simply hung together above a lone fire in the stove.  In order to accommodate smaller kitchens, the Oberlin stove was introduced in 1834 and was put into thousands of domestic kitchens.  

As the years went by, electricity and gas lines became available across America.  The first electrical stove appeared around 1930.  Gas lines, too, were being laid in the late 19th century, starting a trend toward the introduction of gas kitchen ranges.  It was, however, more expensive than coal heating so only the richest Americans could afford it.  Even small apartments that used gas ranges were charged via a meter box for the gas they consumed.  Eventually, gas and electricity was available to the more rural areas not just in large cities.  As such, it became more accessible and affordable to the average American.  
Kitchen stoves in America have come a long way over the years.  They have evolved into being appliances that no kitchen can function without.  There are thousands of brands and models to choose from, in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Modern stoves are professionally designed and are often made out of durable stainless steel.  Today’s homes and commercial kitchens have stoves that are built studily and perform spectacularly.


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